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. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: president obama's optimism might prove a tough sell outside of the convention hall. younger israelis tend to be more conservative than their parents. in a survey of jewish- israeli teenagers two years ago, 62 percent described themselves as right-wing. only 12 percent identified themselves as liberal. >> jacqueline: big changes around the bay area. rain but there is no clouds in sight. the bay bridge toll plaza is sunny. the same or our roof cam but it is a bit breezy today. temperatures are in the '60s as expected. 67 in santa rosa. mid-60s in pleasanton, livermore and definitely cooler along the coast. low 50s along the oecd and as i mentioned the wind has been picking up along -- daly city. sustained winds at half moon bay. 20 m.p.h. and 14 in hayward. we are seeing even stronger and this is certainly been breezy. it will stay breezy along the coast. pretty clear skies with no fog expected. as the go towards tomorrow it is going to be windy, warmer, with those conditions coming up. (closing bell) [ male announcer ] our usr aa retirement gui
are tired of this war but we are also pretty resilient. this is 12 years and we are still at it. we use when to a presidential race for the countries that we are tired of this war. neither gov. romney nor president obama to their mutual credit talked about accelerating the drop down just to get the heck out. we went through all of 2012 with no major speech by the president or governor romney about how we should hurry up our departure. if you look at our history, whether it's with the middle east, korea, taiwan, we spent decades supporting young democracy that were not always doing that well anomalies that impressive. we recognized we had security interests. it took south korea for decades to get to the point of a legitimate election and we stood by them all time. if we have our security interests engaged in seat gradual progress and the partner countries, we americans are capable of doing what i consider the right thing in sticking with it. into not talk ourselves doing something for our long term interest before we even try. >> i agree with all that mike has said. the point made other post-
times. she's 26 years old. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> "early start" back after this quick break as we monitor president obama's historic arrival. [ lane ] are you growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. to♪♪ savor and explore, lof d and wthe great indoors ♪ week. ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses. i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> welcome back. you're looking live in tel aviv where president obama's plane just touched down moments ago. this is his first trip to israel as president of th
their information. the report also highlights the real urgency of connecting with minority communities. by the year 2050, we'll be a majority/minority country. and in both 2008 and 2012, president obama won a combined 80% of the votes of of all minority groups. the rnc cannot and will not write off any demographic, community or region of this country. so here are some actions that we're going to take. one, establish senior-level advisory councils for hispanic, african-american and asian-americans that will serve as working groups to share best practices and have a constant dialogue in each community. two, establish swearing-in citizenship teams to introduce new citizens to the gop after naturalization ceremonies. first impressions count. three, at the recommendation of the project, talk regularly and openly with groups in which we've had minimal contact in the past. the urban league, the naacl, la raza. four, work with state parties and sister committees to improve the program for minority candidates. the report underscores the need for greater recruitmentment -- recruitment. five, hire communicati
. no budget for four years! no budget for four years is not just bureaucratic bungling. refusing to pass a budget is refusing to declare what it intends to do with the money.s barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever. lied! obama, you [cheers and applause] a direct correlation between the senate stubbornly pass the budget and the senate selfishly agreeing to go ahead and spend our children grandchildren's money. no budget is no leadership and get time for america to more outraged about this. never before have our challenges been so big and our leader so small. here lastwe were year, the words on everyone's heartnd the wish in your was for barack to pack her up nobel and wrap the the clubs and the high tops and to chicago. the election came and went but never stopped. at a time when our country is leadership, we get, instead, a permanent campaign. but here's the thing. the goodake risks for of our country. campaigners make promises they keep. leader reach across political differences. campaigners double down on those differences. to bring americans together to confro
six more years. host: there's a report that found 67% of u.s. workers surveyed reported less than $25,000 in savings. for retirement. resident obama nominated a labor secretary yesterday. senator have iter is vowing to block the choice it says here. shortly after mr. obama made this announcement mr. have iter said he would prevent it until the justice department responds so of ter accusing him spotty enforcement of national voting rights laws. next to that story in the washington times, g.o.p. takes issue with e.p.a. nominee senator roy blunt saying he will place a hold on jeannie mcathey poised to take over the aines until -- >> and then on the nomination, they come out with a lengthy piece opposing mr. perez saying obama's nominee muscled a city to drop a supreme court case. then on gay marriage, new poll out from washington, d.c. shows record support for gay marriage. this comes ahead of tuesday's oral argument next tuesday's oral argument at the supreme court where they will be taking up two cases related to gay marriage. and then here is the "new york post" with this headline. h
about a week from now? will that happen? the obama administration warning lawmakers it might have to cancel the annual easter egg roll on the first of april. that event happens every year. expected to draw ten of thousands to the white house set for april 1st, just a few days after the could run out of money. white house is saying finally by using these tickets guests are acknowledging this is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the executive office of the president and other federal agencies. if canceled the event will not be scheduled. we'll notify you if there are any modifications of the event. that bass part of the fine print given to members of congress when the invites went out. invites to bob beckel, former campaign manager co-host of "the five." brad blakeman, deputy campaign manager of president george w. bush. good morning to you. who wants to be peter cottontail here? brad, do you want to raise for your hand for that or is that better suted for bob? >> i will raise my hand. bill: what kind of a mess have they gotten themselves into? >> the pr
that going forward that for the last 10, 15 years gay marriage has been a wedge issue that has divided democrats. it's kind of remarkable that both hillary clinton and president obama took so long to embrace gay marriage to begin with. now i think we're looking at an era where gay marriage divides republican, and you're going to see democrats be much more aggressive in bringing it up than in the past. jon: joan that goldberg from the national review, thank you. >> great to be here. jenna: well, ten years later, we're reflecting on the start of the iraq war as our troops still fight in afghanistan today. coming up, we're going to talk to someone who just traveled in afghanistan, talk to him about what he really thinks is happening there as the u.s. and afghanistan governments really struggle to work together these days. >>> also a purse snatcher on the prowl in a store acting so smooth he looks like he's done this before. but police don't think he's acting alone. we're going to tell you who else they think is in on this crime. >>> and going public. tiger woods has a new girlfriend, ever
of the reasons the obama administration said it's important to continue the spending by the united states here in israel. $3 billion a year in aid and the president got a tour of what some of that money bought. an iron dome missile defense system that had been very effective in guarding southern israeli cities against rockets coming out of gaza. that's one of the things the president has pointed to saying i support israel. i support israel's security and safety by spending money on the iron dome. the charm offensive continues later today. there is going to be a number of ceremonies, a number of private meetings and tomorrow, president obama takes his message directly to the israeli people. he has a speech televised heres0 college students where it's thought he is going to try and make his sell on his views not only on iran, but also on the palestinians and the greater middle east issues here in jerusalem. he's got an uphill battle. now a current poll in israel shows only 10% of israelis say they, quote, like the president. back to you in new york. >> steve: lee land vittert live where he's tal
? the president of the united states, barack obama. so he signed it. it's his document. and we agreed to raise the debt ceiling ceiling $2.1 trillion ae agreed to reduce spending over ten years, $2.1 trillion. before the ink was dry, the president was proposing to eliminate the cuts he agreed to. he's been fighting to eliminate those cuts from the beginning. and they're really not cuts. they're simply -- if they were properly applied, it would reduce the growth of spending and not cut spending actually at all. so the committee that was supposed to find all the cuts failed. the sequester came into law. it's an antimilitary provision. it was put in by jack lew, a very liberal member of the president's, at that time, chief of staff for offic office of mot and budget. the president seems to be quite happy to see these cuts fall on the defense department. he seems to be happy to have this happen. why do you say that? i say, because he's done nothing to philadelphia it. -- to fix it except demand something that he has no right to demand. that is, to violate this agreement and raise taxes and spend m
billion in across-the-board sequestration cuts and heads to president obama for his signature. the house also approved paul ryan's budget proposal which would cut 4.6 trillion dollars over 10 years, repeal the 2010 health care law and replace traditional medicare with a government subsidy to purchase health insurance. the house will return tuesday, april 9. we will have live coverage. meanwhile, a live look in the u.s. senate chamber. the senators will be speaking throughout the day. 50 hours of debate underway in the u.s. senate and you can follow that on c-span two. we expect a round of amendment votes this afternoon. among the amendments they have debated and voted on, the proposal by house republicans, the ryan budget, which failed in the senate as an amendment by a vote of 40-59, and they also passed narrowly an amendment the medicalveal device tax in the 2010 health care law. again, the debate is underway. we caught up with a capitol hill reporter for inside information on the budget proposals in the house and senate. among the amendments they have debated and .ost: let's talk abou
of conversations over the years has encouraged many, many people to change their minds. people have opened their hearts and changed their minds. people like president obama, but also the republican voice, the business leaders that we've been hearing from over the last several weeks as people have stood before the court. and younger people have grown up with that conversation. so they have fewer prejudices and stereotypes and less discomfort to overcome, and they understand that ending the exclusion of gay couples from marriage, treating their gay friends and neighbors and fellow citizens equally takes nothing away from anyone else. >> let's talk about some of these young folks as well. the "new york times" hat story this week about young republicans opposing same-sex marriage. now more than ever according to the article, they identify themselves as part of the pro-marriage movement and see themselves at the beginning of a long political struggle, much like the battle over abortion. if they can begin shifting the terms of the debate away from gay rights and towards the meaning of marriage,
't exist. the other is that it just breaks the health care system so much that in five years, five years from now we are going toward a true single payer plan which is, of course the kind of vision that you have which would be very, very dire. stuart: that the president obama has really shifted our country. he has reorganized it, changed our financial culture. yes mr. round with a health care system. i think he really has changed america, and i'm not so sure that we can come back to the free market dynamic and vigorous growing society that i knew for the first 30 years of my time in america. >> i don't like, have seen either. a very successful in changing the center of gravity in this country. that said, coming of a large financial crisis it is almost inevitably the case that the country will tort itself more toward social democracy. the key thing that we need is leaders of a free enterprise movement remembering what really matters. it's not just efficiency in a high rate of economic growth with the kind of society it drew you to this country for the first time and my grandparents to com
marco is her sole witness in 2009 president obama designated mr. demarco as acting director of the finance agency, regulator fannie mae, freddie mac and the 12 federal thanks. mr. demarco is a civil servant with over 20 years of housing how was the experience, including stints at gao, treasury and au fait o. he holds both a ba and a phd in economics. without objection, mr. demarco's full written statement will be made part of the record after his oral remarks. members are advised that mr. demarco will be excused as her witness at 12:30 today. welcome to our committee again. you are recognized for a summary of your testimony at this time. >> thank you, mr. chairman. chairman has to latecomer it could number waters, and please to be here to testify. i submitted a detailed statement of work to engage in activist is the two essays on important topics discussed. fannie mae and freddie mac were the enterprises and conservatorship for 4.5 years. they were never intended -- [inaudible] >> the committee will come to order. one morning and he will be cleared. we look at the capitol police. require a
to be back with the pentagon press corps after a couple of years' layoff. i thought i'd give you a sense of how transition is going from headquarters, eye satisfy's perspective. i think what's interesting following the joint announcement of president obama and president karzai in washington on the 11th of january is that we now find ourselves looking at the announcement for it coming up quite soon in the spring and of course the so-called milestone 13 which fell out of the chicago declaration. we see this very much as an inflexion point in the campaign. it is going to see a refocusing to the isaf mission. it's going to see the n.s.f. being a supportive piece of this and it's going to see us supporting them. it's going to see us very much reverting to train-advise-assist and enable where appropriate with combat operations happening either in extremist or set near limited basis. it's going to see us providing very much our assistant through the -- assistance through the new model of security force assistance teams and it's going to see us thinning up to the brigade level in terms of the af
that they could be missing the window for a two-state solution in the next two years. >> ambassador stuart holliday, former ambassador to the united nations, thank you. appreciate it. >>> jessica yellin is traveling with the president and joins us now live from ramallah. president obama is meeting, as we were just discussing, with president abbas. the question is, what can they accomplish, or are we skrust waiting for secretary of state kerry to take over and get these dialogues moving? >> reporter: zoraida, i think it's -- we're waiting for secretary kerry to take over and get the dialogue moving, but the goal for the president today is to start by seeing what it will take to get palestinians back to the negotiating table. you know, peace talks stalled in 2010. yesterday the president essentially said he did not come to the middle east with his own road map to peace because you wanted to listen to leaders in the region. he said his role today is to listen to palestinians. and i'm sure some republicans in congress will chuckle at that description of the president's role. zoraida? >> as a l
detainees remain at gitmo at a cost of $100 million each. despite improvements in recent years including a new soccer field, the top general acknowledges the detainees' hopes of getting releases were crushed when president obama stopped talking about closing it. >> nothing in the inauguration speech about closing in, nothing in the state of union. he's not restaffing the office that was focused on closing or transferring. >> kelly described the hunger strike now involving 25 detainees as an attempt to regain attention. white house officials say they're still committed to closing gitmo as the president once promised. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> but they say the hands are tied by congress and to prepare for the long haul, officials tell nbc news general kelly wants to spend tens of millions for a new guards barracks, dining hall, and new conference center. the pentagon is already spending $40 million for an underwater fiber optic cable to pipe video of the military commission hearings of the 9/11 hijackers. gitmo seems to be the one place they don't see
obama, say? >> yes, we can! yes, we can! yes, we can! yes, we can! >> very good. >>brian: ladies and gentlemen, a two-year-old. that's incredible. >>anna: we've got to get this kid on the show. >>steve: he got a little hung up on what john f. kennedy said but he knew exactly what bill clinton said. >>brian: unbelievable. i don't know if he know what bill clinton said. >>steve: he knew the line. >>brian: he even knew how to count. incredible. >>anna: 6:34. to your news headline. senate majority leader harry reid con conceding duet on the democrats -- con seethe defeat on the democrats plan on assault weapons. many lawmakers and gun rights advocates plan to fight those regulations claiming provisions violate their constitutional right to bear arms. >>brian: he spent 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. this holocaust survivor and rabbi walking out of a prison -- walking out of prison in new york yesterday after a judge overturned his 1990 conviction for a botched robbery. it turns out there was no physical evidence against him. just flawed witness testimony. >> i said
was wearing when he was shot to death in 1980 has gone viral and retweeted by president obama. ono posted the picture on what would have been her 44th wedding anniversary and wrote "after 33 years our son sean and i still miss him." >>> powerball player, going online to share their dreams of winning saturday's jackpot, up to $320 million. your chance of winning about 1 in 175 million. >>> it's no surprise this video is going viral once you find out who is inside that uniform onesie, it's none other than miley cyrus. the video was meant to rally support for an online pea session banning the use of carriage horses in new york. you're up to date. it's 8:04, back outside to dylan dreyer with a check of the weather. >> good morning natalie and everyone. we have a beautiful sign here. who is the crafty one? it's not so much warmer in their neck of the woods. in georgia we did have some flurries this morning so you're not missing much down there. today's pick city, columbia, south carolina, not too bad, 57 degrees, still well below average for that part of the country, too. we have some heavy ra
it was abundantly clear, in your view, that the red line that president obama has set has been crossed in terms of chemical weapons. what's the discrepancy? >> well, if you look at the body of intelligence, kate, over the last two years, it is the evidence is mounting, and so when the president said august 20th of last year, that if they were going to move chemical weapons or use them, that would change his calculus, and here's the problem that presents itself now, i think, for the president of the united states and our national security moving forward, syria is deteriorating badly. we have a growing and mounting amount of evidence that says chemical weapons were used at least at some point by the assad regime in some quantity. and so we have 70,000 dead. it's deteriorating, it's now spilling over by way of refugees into jordan and turkey and now you have al qaeda elements, the front knocking on the door on the southern area near israel. this is a catastrophe if we let this deteriorate without some u.s. leadership rallying the opposition and regaining the trust with our arab league allies. all
sick. and this incredible expense. >> reporter: after president obama declared the law unconstitutional, republicans came in though defend doma. the case comes in a different political climate than four years ago when prop 8 became law. an example, yesterday republican adviser karl rove said in the next election he could see pub one of the republican candidates favoring same-sex marriage. >> we will be covering a lot next week. thank you very much. >>> an apology from the irs over a training video that parodied star trek and paid for by taxpayer money. kelly o'donnell is in washington with more on that story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, anytime your tax money is wasted, it's frustrating but especially so when it is the irs that's accused of poor judgment. a congressional committee found this star trek spoof didn't have any training value in it at all. to boldly go hollywood. ♪ the irs spent $60,000. >> captain log. >> reporter: making two videos including this elaborate "star trek" parody. >> sorry about the uniforms, the dry cleaner gave us the wrong order.
>> tonight, a look at the iraq war which began 10 years ago this week. first, president's 2003 speech at the start of the invasion of iraq. then, today's discussion of the iraq war and its effects from the carnegie endowment for international peace. later, president obama meets with palestinian authority president mahood abbas -- mahmoud abbas. u.s. forcesago, invaded iraq with the mission of overthrowing the regime of saddam hussein. at the start of the invasion president bush addressed the nation from the oval office. >> my fellow citizens, at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. on my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine saddam hussein's ability to wage war. these are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign. more than 35 countries are giving crucial support, from the use of naval and air bases, to help with intelligence and logistics, to the deployment of combat units
m ms. lee: thank you, mr. speaker. today is a solemn anniversary. a tragedy that began 10 years ago when president george w. bush launched a war of choice in iraq. dragging our country into a costly, bitter conflict based on falsehoods and hyperbole. it took president obama fulfilling his campaign promise to end the iraq war and we are grateful that he brought the war to an end. but we must not forget how we got into the war in the first place. so that these mistakes are not repeated. we were told there were weapons of mass destruction. we were warned about mushroom clouds. now i offered an amendment at the time that would have taken us down a different path. it would have required the united states to work through the united nations inspectors and maximizing diplomacy to determine whether or not iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. unfortunately my amendment failed by a vote of 72-355. what happened from there we all know the tragic consequences. president bush dragged this country into an unnecessary war. no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. the cost of the
. barrasso: president obama set forth the goal of doubling our exports in five years. three years later we are not on the pace to achieve that gel. one problem is the e.p.a. is blocking exports. e.p.a. is blocking exports on account of the greenhouse gas eations. those exports would produce outside the united states. that is, after they leave our shores. this is a dangerous precedent. it will hurt exports of automobiles, aircraft, and heavy equipment such as tractors. these amendments prohibits federal agencies from blocking exports on account of greenhouse gas emissions. those exports would produce after they leave the united states. i ask for the yeas and nays. mrs. murray: mr. president? the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be a sufficient second. the senator from washington. mrs. murray: before we go to the yeas and nays, can i just say, in setting an example for the evening, i will be less than one minute. we believe this is current law. we will accept a voice vote. the presiding officer: the yeas and nays were already ordered on this amendment. does t
already done projecting out ten more years at $48 billion of cuts. now, the sequestration is projected to be the way it was drafted, the obama sequestration, an additional half trillion dollars. i remember when the previous secretary of defense was there. he used the word "devastating." it was devastating. now, one thing that has not been observed is that it is a possibility that some of the things that are on there are designed to be done and will actually cost more money. let me share with you some quotes by some of the military. first of all, the department of defense comptroller hale said, "we would also be forced to disrupt as many as 2,500 investment programs, driving up costs at the very trail time we're trying to hold them down." that particular part of this could actually cost more than the cuts. general odierno, he said this in one of our hearings. he said, "the army agrees that the hidden costs of sequestration may actually nullify any savings anticipated to be gained through sequestration." then again it could actually cost us money, not save us money. admiral ferguson said
Search Results 500 to 524 of about 525